Vuchlook 2, on stage!

Time flies! Two years have passed and Vuchlook, or rather Vuchlook 2 is here!If we did not set a maximum capacity limit, we would just keep on creating, and still, it would not be enough. That is because we introduced a lot of new products. Products from different categories, sizes, colours and types so it was difficult to choose the VERY BEST. Believe me, I got to know all of our photo folders by heart.

This baby was supposed to see the light of the day earlier, but the final editing was a long-distance run. We kept postponing the print, because more and more novelties were coming, and it would break our hearts not to mention them here. Several stellar pages were claimed by our limited collections, in a whirl of colours and loads of inspiration. We can already tell you that we are not idle, and we are preparing more fashion bangers.

We will also let you peek behind the scenes and find out what’s life like in Vuch. Because we are no bores for sure. Soon enough though, the whole staff won't all fit in the group photo. But don't worry, we burned all Christmas calories already. It is that our team is growing at rocket speed. Maybe next time you'll be the one we welcome to our office.

Come explore the world of Vuch.


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